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Strategy Sessions

Do your marketing yourself? Need help figuring out what to say or do?

Need guidance on when/how often to send/what to say in your emails? Don't know what to talk about in your blog or videos? Want to turn more of your audience into paying customers?

In this one-hour call, I'll answer any questions you have about your pet business's sales messages so you can feel more confident about what you're doing.

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Sales Messaging Audit

Is your marketing bringing in customers? Or do you feel like you're just throwing money and effort in the trash? Sounds like you need an audit. (Don't worry - this one is designed to help you make more money, not lose it.)

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Website Self-Check

You know you have customers visiting your website. Yet none of them are signing up for services or buying your products. What gives?

Without the right messaging presented the right way, your website could actually be scaring away your potential customers.

With this Website Self-Check, you can diagnose what parts of your site might be causing your new customer woes and get insights into what you need to do to fix the problems.

Find out if:

  • Your website's content is speaking to the right customers.
  • Readers know where to go after they find you.
  • Potential customers can figure out how to hire you.